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Each week, The Times asks the bloggers who cover opposing teams to break down the coming game for the Giants ¡ª in 100 words or less. (Give or take a few rants.) In this edition,Cheap NFL Jerseys we examine the Giants¡¯ game against the Eagles on Sunday (1 p.m. Eastern on Fox).

They need to win out to have a shot at making the playoffs, and that doesn¡¯t seem likely. For the Giants, it is the second of three consecutive divisional games, the last three hammer blows needed to tack up the division title. Will they miss and smash their thumb? Maybe, but with plenty of other fingers and a three-game lead with four to play, it just doesn¡¯t matter. Giants, 24-17.

Scott Tunstall is the Lead Blogger for Inside the Iggles, one of the premier Eagles fan sites, and part of the Fan-Sided Blogs Network. He is also a freelance writer with a degree in cinema and television who has worked 10 years in television news production.

After basking in the glory of the Birds¡¯ bountiful Thanksgiving triumph over the Cardinals, it¡¯s time to crash back down to earth and face mighty Big Blue. For me, only one question needs to be answered entering this key division battle: Are the Eagles back? Donovan McNabb overcame his premature benching and played lights-out football vs. Arizona, as did the entire team. However, the Giants present a much larger challenge. The Eagles hung tough against the G-Men back in Week 10, falling by 36-31, but allowed 219 yards on the ground. If they can cut that insanely high number in half they have an excellent chance to spring a December upset. In the end, they won¡¯t. Giants, 23-16.

Our guests this week focus on the good,Cheap NFL Nike Jerseys despite the fact that the Eagles crash landed through a a three-game stretch in the middle of November. Each of them saw glimmers of hope in the loss to the Giants earlier this season, but not all of them see that mattering much come Sunday.

Jason Brewer has been writing Bleeding Green Nation since 2006. He says, ¡°We¡¯re more than just a blog, we¡¯re a community of thousands of Eagles fans who all contribute in a great exchange of ideas about the team we love.¡±

The first matchup this year was a bit of an anomaly. Just about every stat but the final score showed a dominating win by the Giants. However, despite being outplayed for the majority of the game, the Eagles had the ball at the end with a chance to win it and they scored more points against the Giants than any team except Cleveland this year.

Mike Abrams is a sports assignment editor for The Times, which he joined in 2004 after stints as a reporter and editor at The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va. He is married, has two young children and lives in Lawrenceville, N.J., which is a dividing line for fans of Philly and New York teams.

O.K., I was wrong about the first meeting ¡ª no surprise there. The question is whether these teams will offer any surprises this weekend. The Giants have been among the league¡¯s most consistent teams. They run over just about everyone.

The Eagles, on the other hand, drip with inconsistency. They were impressive against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Arizona. They were awful against the Bengals and the Ravens. They have played just about everyone else somewhere in the middle. The guess here is that the Eagles show up in East Rutherford. So do the Giants, but Philly needs this one more. Eagles, 24-23.

John Woods is not a guest blogger. He is a staff editor for The Times, a regular contributor to The Fifth Down, and the guy who put this post together. He loves Philly and doesn¡¯t care who knows it. I think that, combined with the 10 days¡¯ of rest, is going to give the Eagles some belief heading into this game and I¡¯m hoping that¡¯s reflected in the final score. To put it simply, we need this game more than the Giants do, and I expect the Eagles to play like it.

First of all, I am declaring this space a Plaxico-free zone. He won¡¯t be playing, but it doesn¡¯t matter. Burress had 15 catches in his first two games, but only 20 in seven games since then. As for the Eagles, they appeared to preen themselves clean last week after a three-game midseason molt. But it doesn¡¯t matter.